Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday 21st October 09

I did lots of paperwork today... I renewed our house insurance with the Co-operative Insurance Service, and got 500 points on our membership dividend. I sorted out some travel arrangements for a Fiddlesticks gig in Leeds next week. I got a pass code retrieved for a voluntary group's bank account. I did various other things involving emails, letters, the phone... But this took most of the morning. I also got an unintelligible phone call from a sales person from Titan Telecom which took a long time (I am never rude to these people, never put the phone down on them) but I also wrote a polite complaint email to the company afterwards.

Around lunchtime I went down to Country Fresh to buy and pick up some pumpkins for next week's Pumpkin Celebration at St Nicks. I got three in my trailer, one in each pannier. Came back via Freshways and got waylaid with the ever-jovial Raj, which meant I didn't get back for lunch until nearly 2pm.

Gill went to Lord Deramore's to pick up our youngest from his fieldtrip, and arrived back at nearly 5pm. He'd had a great time and was full of stories of exciting activities.

I went down to Country Fresh again to pick up their compostables, and ordered another 10 pumpkins which I'll pick up on Friday, probably needing two trips. They aren't small!

I had an interesting tea of a couple of reject sweetcorn on the cobs which I cooked and stripped off the cobs, with oyster mushroom and some rice left over from yesterday, with half a jar of 'chicken tonight' sauce (which doesn't have chicken in it) which was given to me by Gladys who doesn't eat food past it's best before date... but I have the constitution of a scavenging freegan, and pretty broad tastes, so I quite enjoyed it. I wonder what I'll do with the other half?

So a pretty quiet and unexciting day.

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