Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday 23rd October 09

First thing in the morning (OK, after breakfast and emails, so at 10am) I went to Country Fresh to pick up the second lot of pumpkins for the St Nicks pumpkin festival evening next Wednesday at 5.30pm... fun carving and free food, all made with pumpkins!

I got 11 of them, another 10 for St Nicks and one to take home to form the basis of a pumpkin soup I've offered to make for the evening.

From St Nicks I went into town to see my friend Anita who is back from Spain for a week. She opened the door looking happy and slightly disheveled. A few minutes later Bruno came down looking equally happy. It's obvious they are delighted to be back together. Making up for lost time.

Anita made me a cappuccino and offered me chocolate bread, and all three of us had the most amazing discussion. Anita is someone I can talk to about anything as she's very broad-minded and experienced. And I'm glad to get to know Bruno a bit better. A very enjoyable hour.

And back home via Freshways who had two sacks of 'resources' for me. A good lunch, finished the tomato soup from a couple of days ago and started making another tomato-based dish as we are over-run with slightly sad tomatoes, perfect for cooking with and too good for composting.

At 2.15 I headed off to see David who is in the early throes of getting a publicity leaflet together. I was happy with what he'd done so far and hopefully he'll do an equally good job on the reverse side.

Home to an hour of compost heap building and at half five came in, washed and headed out again to the Minster this time, to meet Rachel Semlyen and Kate Lock who have been conspiring to do a 350 picture with a photographer friend they have, John from The Star. They had devised an ingenious way to get a really good image, using cardboard templates and LED torches, and the camera on a tripod with a long exposure followed by hand held flash guns from several different angles to get the best lighting. The results are amazing and I'll post it here when I can. The photo will be sent to and will probably be shown internationally with many others. Tomorrow is a big day with loads of symbolic actions to show our 'leaders' how much we care about the outcome of the Copenhagen talks in December. I'll be attending the York Wave tomorrow morning.

I got home feeling very elated and Gill had made a pasta, cauliflower and broccoli bake with the tomato thing I made earlier. What a team!

I really REALLY enjoyed seeing a programme on one of my favourite bands, Kraftwerk. Brought back loads of brilliant memories. I grew up with this predecessor of hip hop and dance music and somehow got myself an early album of theirs... it's pretty industrial but interesting textured sound. The cover looks like this:
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk
anyone know what it is, as there is no information on the cover, or, if I remember correctly, on the discs inside?

Gill and I had a game of Scrabble and it was very close all the way through, but Gill won.


Anonymous said...

In answer to your question, John, it's a view of a CRO- (cathode ray oscilloscope) screen showing two waveforms (graphical view of an electrical oscillation) with what looks like an amplitude that is increasing exponentially over time. The fact that they are out-of-phase would mean that they destructively interfere with each other and cancel each other out so that the result is a nil-signal.

- Or its a side view of one of those springy things that stops your doors flying open in the wind!!


Compost John said...

Duh! Trust a physicist to tell me what the image represents!
I was asking if anyone knew anything about the album! I guess I could have worded it better!

But as usual, Robin I am grateful to have your feedback, acoustic or otherwise!

Anonymous said...


Easy tiger!


Compostwoman said...

I was going to post the same sort of answer as Robin..(oops) Materials Scientist/Electronic engineer here rather than Physicist, though.....

I DO remember the album, an it was very good AFAIR

Compostwoman said...

Its a double LP release of their two first LPs "Kraftwork 1" and Kraftwork 2", released in the UK in 1972 on Philips' Vertigo label. The double LP had this new sleeve with the oscillating blue electronic wave signal.

The original LP's had a red and white traffic cone(1) and green and white traffic cone (2) on them I think? ( Dredging back in my memories here John...!)

Hope this helps...the things I do for you! LOL