Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wednesday 17th September 08

Managed to stay asleep til after 9 which was good after a late and difficult evening sorting out, or trying to sort out something complicated last night.

However, still not feeling physically very well either, but did some sorting out in the conservatory, getting recyclables together to go next Tuesday.

Gill went to town but Oxfam was shut and she tried to get Euros from a Post Office, but the exchange rate was not what I expected. I thought one pound was about two Euros but it looks like it's about 1:1. Will do some research. I researched train and bus times for a trip later this month.

After lunch I cycled to The Winning Post pub to give in a £50 deposit to secure the function room for 5th October when York in Transition is showing the film The End of Suburbia with a discussion and social. On the way back I met a friendly tree surgeon with a load of spare logs which he was only too happy to drop off at my house, which was less than half a mile away.

So I then proceeded to chainsaw them into splittable rounds but due to the type of tree, they wouldn't split. The wood has lots of cross-links and stringy fibres making splitting with a maul virtually impossible. I got my hydraulic splitter out, which my neighbours prefer me to use as it's quieter than the axe or maul and log grenade, but it wasn't working very well. I'm wondering if the hydraulic oil needs replacing, after all it has had a lot of use. I rang Tony Castle, York's best tree surgeon (well, certainly one of the most knowledgeable and biddable!) and asked if he'd be able to replace my hydraulic oil.... for a price, to see if that made the machine work any better. He'll be able to collect it in the next few days and do it in his workshop.

Our youngest had tea with a friend and didn't come back til after 7, giving the eldest plenty of space for doing homework, which he is particularly resistant to. I had to go to a York in Transition meeting and when I came back Gill was in tears as there'd been a huge violent outburst about homework and she was at her wits end. I just held her but also have no answers. I went up to put the lights out. We cuddled on the sofa and watched crap on the telly and chatted. At midnight when she fell asleep, I went onto the computer to deal with emails and to try to find a facilitator for a visioning meeting. I had to deal with a very long badly written email which took well over an hour to wade through and reply to. I have told the sender that I prefer short, to the point and well constructed messages, short sentences, good punctuation and spelling, if possible. This makes the job of the reader so much easier and is just plain courteous and polite.

Bed therefore at 2.30am.

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