Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Tuesday 2nd September 08

The day started with a bit of difficulty with one of my friends, but with quite a bit of conversation I think it has sorted itself out. I feel lucky having such an interesting and busy social life, but just occasionally some friction occurs, I guess this is inevitable. My personality is quite unusual and sometimes people don't cope with me that well. I just hope my strengths and qualities outweigh my more quirky and difficult sides. Fortunately I do get plenty of positive feedback and this gives me strength and restores my occasionally battered self-worth.

So my eldest child was getting ready to go to his secondary school for the first day, a very big day for him. One of his friends arrived and at 10.30 they walked to school together. I got ready to go to work, a gig in the cafe at Rowntree Park for a 6yr old girl and 20 or so of her friends. I went in costume and got there just before 11am as all the party goers were arriving. The show, just the circus, went well despite several very interuptive boys who were not used to being audience members... but I think they learned something about appropriate behaviour AND had a lot of fun and excitement too! Certainly the adults there enjoyed it, and I did too.

Finished the show sometime after 12 and had a sandwich and piece of flapjack before going into town and putting in a cheque from POP Club, and coming back via Country Fresh. Country Fresh had a large excess of pineapples... they don't even look grotty, so I brought them home and will as usual dry them in slices, to add to my muesli. So a reasonable afternoon... our boyo came home having 'quite enjoyed' his first day at school although he didn't walk home with his buddy as they didn't meet up after the last lesson.

To celebrate his first day at secondary school, Gill did 'special pasta' with home-grown tomatoes which went down a treat. I then went out to the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel which I'm acting Clerk of, and therefore receive all the letters and sign them once we've come to a decision, and make sure they get into the council before the due date. Only two others turned up, and we had a buzzy chat and a laugh. We did also discuss the few planning applications that have come in over the past 3 weeks! Finished at 7.30 and came home to do another hour in the garden before it got too dark to continue.

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