Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thursday 15th December 11

Well I got a message first thing today from Randall saying yes to the compost.  He'd asked last night if I could supply him with some compost for a garden he's working on... I said yes, he asked 'tomorrow?' and I said probably!

So he said could I deliver two trailer-loads of compost by 4.30 today to a property in Fulford.  So this took up a good chunk of the day.  I got 5 sacks of well rotted compost loaded into my trailer and one on the pannier rack and set off after lunch.

Rand had pruned some trees and had got a pile of sticks, some of which I loaded into my trailer to take home.  Then I took a second lot, 3 sacks in the trailer and one on the rack.  This time on the way home I popped into Alligator to pick up their 'unsold resources' to take back home and put on the current compost heap.  I also pucked up 2 boxes from Country Fresh, so had a heavy load to barrow down to the bottom of the garden.

At  York Skeptics on Tuesday I got chatting to Ian and he mentioned he'd like to do some volunteering, and I suggested St Nicks.  I told him there was a volunteers party there on Thursday, and arranged to meet him beforehand to show him the site (despite it being dark!)  He came here at about 5pm, and I then cycled down there and he drove, and I took him on a walk round the nature reserve, telling him a bit about the history of the site, and at 6 we got back to the Environment Centre and joined the growing numbers of assorted volunteers.  I spent most time chatting with Ian, but also had a good chat with Dan, who does database management, and a couple of French visitors.

It came to a close at 9pm and I came home, to upload the sponsored blog post from  and to work out my transport arrangements for tomorrow. 

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