Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday 26th October 11

Woke soon after 9 and had a productive day, including another round of pear picking.  I picked 4 trays full, and took 3 up Marion and Dave's garden and left them near the house, so they can put them in their garage and wait for them to ripen.  I went to Alligator to check the prices of pears there, and also dried fruit, to get an idea of how much I should ask Scoop to pay for my pears and dried fruit.

I collected compostables at Alligator and Country Fresh,and then headed over to St Nicks to help with the pumpkin evening.  I served soup and showed children how to peel the outer shells off pumpkin seeds.  I was impressed by the size of the winning big pumpkin, which came in at 25 stone (about 160kg) and I asked the growers if they would be willing to let me have some seed.  I wonder if they'll send me any?

I came home with all the pumpkin innards, and spent some time sorting out some of the seeds, and also saved a load of the flesh to make soup out of.  Did loads more dried pears, and a few apples.

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