Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thursday 18th March 11

An early start... but not a good one.  Gill forgot to set the alarm and she woke at 8, and then was in a panic about getting to school as she was setting up the shop.  I got up with her and made our youngest's breakfast and lunch, and then made breakfast for our eldest.  They were both awake before us and apologised about not waking Gill when there was a no-show at the normal time. 

However, despite the short time to get ready, they were waiting for the taxi when it came and apparently weren't more than a couple of minutes late into school.

I went round to Maria's with our eldest for his science lesson, and I got busy in the garden.  There was minimal work to do with the compost, and Maria asked me to take out a tree stump.  I found a really good 'trenching spade' which I've never had cause to use before, and with this I was  able to dig a trench round one side and under the bole, and the roots were fairly rotten so the spade went through these, and by 10am, I'd got the trunk tipping over, but it was too heavy for me to lift out by myself, so I'll wait until Johan is around and we'll heave it out together, I should think.

I came home and gave permission to our son to do exactly as he pleased until Gill came home, as he'd started early at Maria's and worked hard.  I did my emails and then went in the lovely spring sunshine and started to prepare the composting area for the re-erection of a pallet compost bin, choosing the pallets to use carefully and wiring them together securely too.

At lunchtime I came in and watched the news and did emails etc, and bought my train ticket to Bristol next Tuesday, as Tracey Smith has invited me to go and help with the Wipe Out Waste Awards.

I did more work in the garden, getting the chicken wire into place and starting to fill the new bin with the contents of the old one which is full.

Had a freegan tarte thing for tea, and then went to the new University Campus for a sort of presentation about the future of energy in the UK.  This was quite good but I didn't learn a lot... except that petrol cars are just 25% efficient, and big diesel lorries are about 35% efficient at turning fuel into motion.  I sat with Carolyn and Geoff, which was interesting.  Came home via a log which was too big for my trailer so I stopped off at Paddy's house and picked up his prunings, as requested.

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