Sunday, 22 August 2010

Thursday 12th August 10

A really lazy day, a true holiday day. The children spent most of it playing on the Wii and I was on my laptop for a good long time, reading blogs and looking at things that people had posted on facebook, and doing emails through tiscali webmail as my Thunderbird thing doesn't send emails when I'm at someone else's house.

Sometime in the afternoon I went out on Danky's bike to go and get my prescription, and eventually worked out how to use the gears. Good bike, knife-thin wheels, could have got up to some high speed but as I was new to this machine, I didn't push it. I was only away from the house for 20 minutes, anyway!

At teatime we all went for a walk along the Oswestry side of Shrewsbury, and down to the River Severn where there were trees to climb and a beach with stones to skim. Only one negative, Sophie and Danky's 10 year old daughter had been into town with a friend the day we arrived, and got some clip-on earrings... and she decided to wear these for the walk... and, predictably, lost one of them.

But apart from this it was a nice walk, and we found some interesting things including a Pinocchio figure in a rabbit hole!

In the evening, when it was dark enough, some of us went outside to watch Perseid meteors.

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