Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tuesday 15th September 09

Last night I replied to an offer of some Lilac logs on Freecycle and put that I'd be happy to collect by bike trailer, and put my phone number into the reply email. I was phoned very promptly by the lady making the offer and she had chosen me as I was collecting by the lowest carbon method possible. She'd had one enquiry from as far away as Castle Howard, and many other offers of collection in cars. So, this morning, after cycling our little 'un to school, I cycled over to Stockton Lane and got a trailer-full and panniers full. When I got home I chainsawed it up and split the biggest chunks, but didn't manage to stack any of this.

Whilst taking a break, I got a message from a friend that I would be an angel if I would accompany them to their GP's as the person in question was rather upset about an unpleasant health problem which has developed. This person is a short train ride away so mid afternoon I cycled down to the station and hopped on a train.

The GP took the issue seriously and my friend is going to be fast-tracked into the hospital. Pretty scary, not knowing how serious the problem is.

I got back just before 8pm, as I had a bite to eat with my friend and talked about something other than ill health. I used both train journeys to delete old emails as I have a real problem with too many emails coming in each day, and not deleting enough of them. So time to delete a hundred or so was really welcome.

A quiet evening, lit the stove and prepared some apples for drying.

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