Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesday 19th May 09

A morning of admin and dealing with officialdom. Also went to the Guildhall to sign something for doing Charles' proxy postal vote.

A quiet afternoon, Fiddlesticks enquiry, sorting stuff out prior to the Transition Conference, and WASHING UP!!!

I created a squash soup: I'd got three small thrown away Butternut squashes, chucked because they were starting to shrivel a bit around the flower end, but still perfectly edible. So, chopped a small onion, 3 small leeks and 2 sticks of celery into the heavy pan and gently fried this, then halved, peeled de-seeded and cubed the 3 butternuts and bunged them in, and poured water in til it just came up to the butternut chunks. Then simmered it on the stove for several hours. When it was all soft, I whizzed it with the hand held blender, with a dash of balsamic vinegar, pinch of mixed herbs and teaspoon of low salt bouillon powder. Then simmered it a bit more... will be ready for tomorrow, as we've found that soup tastes best the day after it's made.

Gill made a cauliflower macaroni thing for tea and during the evening I wrote my penultimate column on campaigning. Trying to get people aware of the importance of the Copenhagen talks in December.

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