Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Monday 7th January 08

Cannot remember how the day started but I do know that I spent much of the day building another logpile outside our front door, and I also phoned Good Energy Ltd, out renewable electricity supplier with an accurate meter reading and asked them what our annual bill will be for the forthcoming year. Over the last year this household has consumed about 3 units a day, and our bill for the next 12 months is £227. I shall pay that tomorrow, I expect.

In the evening I attended a core group meeting of YorkLETS, and it was really good to see my friends down at the Seahorse, and I had two pints and a really good chat. I bought three toys for my sons, all toy lorries, one's a dustbin lorry, one's a recycling lorry, the other is a skip lorry!

Got back at nearly 11pm and watched a silly but good film called 'Coccoon' from 1985 which both Gill and I enjoyed.

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