Monday, 5 March 2007

Sunday 4th March 07

No lie-in today either, as I had a visit from the Yorkshire Post photographer booked and then a Fiddlesticks gig after lunch. So to look good for both of these I got up early and stoked the big stove which had had both the 6 gallon pans on overnight, so they were already warm but for a bath I needed them hotter.

I know showers are greener, using less water and energy to heat that water, but I don't really like showers, and our shower uses gas to heat the water. I find that a soak in a bath of very hot woodstove-heated water is much more satisfying and relaxing, and I usually only have one a week, and wash my hair. So after watching Ski Sunday (vicarious thrills with a lower carbon footprint than flying to somewhere with snow, and then almost certainly having an accident which would stop me doing all the Fiddlesticksing and composting I so much enjoy!) I lugged the pans of hot water up to the bath, trimmed my beard with the rechargable trimmer, and had my low-carbon soak n wash.

But not very relaxing as I couldn't stay in long as the photographer was coming. So a functional bath..... And then Jim the photo rang from his mobile not far away and arrived within a minute.
I'd have given him a £60 fine and 3 points if I could!

Anyway, as an experienced photographed green, I gave him a quick tour of the garden to show him the sorts of activity he could get photos of me doing. I then loaded the trailer with some of yesterdays bags and boxes so he could record my means of transport, and unloaded them into the wheelbarrow. He wanted one of me bowsawing a log and a portrait next to the logpile. Then down to the current heap, where he got snaps of lots of knife-action and pouring gubbins from bags. And another portrait with me wedged into an apple tree. We were finished within 40 minutes, a pair of professionals!

After he went I did some washing up (more woodstove water) and packed my bags with assorted Fiddlesticks equipment whilst I recorded Countryfile, which I watched later in the evening. I cycled to the station and got the 12.18 to Starbeck, eating sandwiches on the train, and was met by the birthday boy's dad who drove me to their house before another short drive to the venue. The party went like clockwork, the usual one-hour circus skills show and workshop followed by balloon modelling, with all the balloons inflated during tea. The 7 year old celebrant enjoyed himself, one little girl guest told me I was the 'best person ever' and the dad was delighted, paying me in the car on the way back to Starbeck station. Another fun day's work, lucky me!

I enjoyed Gill's home-made pizza and spent much of the evening emailing and writing my blog in front of the front-room stove.

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